Local partnerships creating more business

Vanessa Cuevas
By Vanessa Cuevas December 2, 2016 10:43

Local partnerships creating more business

Ron Roy of Craft Heads Brewery monitors customers. (Photo taken by Vanessa Cuevas on Nov. 11)

Ron Roy of Craft Heads Brewery monitors customers. Photo by Vanessa Cuevas

Local businesses have been promoting their products and expanding to new crowds by partnering up with others.

Craft Heads Brewing Company has been in Windsor since February 2015. Co-owner Bryan Dactoc said partnering with other businesses has helped grow their brand and has allowed them to introduce more than just beverages to their customers.

Craft Heads has partnered with over 20 different businesses and organizations such as Terra Cotta, Cheese Bar, Smashed Apple Catering and United Way.

Dactoc, who started the business out of a shared passion for brewing with his partner Steve Fabischek, said partnering with others allows for a different opportunity for them to showcase each other’s brand.

Partnering with other local businesses is important because owners have similar mindsets and are willing to provide advice to other owners. He said each owner is helping each other out by showcasing products or using different ways to advertise their business, such as using social media.

St. Clair College advertising and marketing teacher, Steve McEachern said businesses are able to offer new products and build relationships with customers when they partner with others. He said partnerships are becoming more common as each business can benefit from one another and improve sales when they have similar goals.

“The best partnerships are always the ones that have a ‘win-win’ attitude,” said McEachern.

Moving forward, Dactoc said Craft Heads is hoping to partner with more local businesses and organizations to expand their brand. He believes Craft Heads would not be as successful without the help of their partnerships.

Vanessa Cuevas
By Vanessa Cuevas December 2, 2016 10:43

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