Local songwriters get together to make music

Ennis Liu
By Ennis Liu December 1, 2017 13:55

Local musicians practice their craft at the Beer Exchange Nov. 29, 2017. Photo by Ennis Liu.

Music Windsor-Essex and Art Council Windsor Region hosted “Songwriters Circle with Krief” at The Beer Exchange on Nov. 29.

“We encourage all sorts of musicians to come out to events like this and future events that we’re hosting to be able to engage with our community,” said Natasha Marar, with Music Windsor-Essex, an organization dedicated to strengthening the local industry to make it financially sustainable and to allow music professionals to succeed.

“During my songwriting process it’s always interesting, because I never really remember what happened when it’s finished,” said Patrick Krief, a guitarist, solo artist and producer. He led the workshop and held a discussion on his own songwriting process.

This event provided an opportunity for local songwriters to get tips for success and receive feedback on their work from Krief.

“The music sounds usually come to me when I feel relax and happy about something, satisfied,” said Krief.

Krief said when he is creating music, his inspiration comes from things that happen around him, good or bad.

The next event hosted by Music Windsor-Essex is on Dec. 5 at the Capitol Theatre, exploring the cross-border opportunities for musicians based in Windsor and Detroit.





Ennis Liu
By Ennis Liu December 1, 2017 13:55

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