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Travis Conant
By Travis Conant April 20, 2018 13:01

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By Travis Conant

In a small city, bands face difficulties while trying to make it big, however a number of bands have surpassed the odds.


Windsor is known for a lot of things including being a border city, the Spitfires hockey team and Windsor’s Caesars Casino, but one thing Windsor is not as recognized for is the number of musicians and artists in the city, compared to bigger cities.


Being a band from a smaller city like Windsor can create several obstacles for local talent. This is due to competition of  bigger cities like Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa.


Several bands have EPs and CDs, but are not signed to a record label. This is a obstacle which can make it very difficult for those artists to get their names on the charts. They rely solely on getting a fanbase and encouraging their fans to share their music with others.


While Windsor has many bands and solo artists who are still hunting for success, the small border city also has a number of musicians who have found success in the industry.  


Joseph Coccimiglio, Jake Diab, 21, Tibor Bognar and Nick Predhomme are members of Autumn Kings, a local band that started in Windsor.


Diab was in a high school music class with Bognar. Diab met Coccimiglio while working at a grocery store and knew Predhomme from other bands in the local music scene.


Autumn Kings has found success in the industry since they first formed in 2015. They have an album titled Silver Screens, which was released March 10, 2017. The album contains 11 original rock tracks and a cover of Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca. The cover gained over three million views through Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.


When Diab is not working on Autumn Kings band, he writes music for other bands.


Diab said being from Windsor was not an obstacle because Detroit is right across the river and Toronto is only four hours away. He said the band was able to get their name out quickly because they had the two major cities where they perform.


“Things with Autumn Kings are going great,” said Diab. “Our online presence is growing huge, our fan base is growing huge, we have lots on YouTube, Spotify and social media. If you just look up Autumn Kings you’ll find all our music.”


Twenty-three-year-old Bobby Sproat is a solo artist from Windsor and after the July 2016 release of his album, New Romantics, Sproat won Top Male Solo Musician in 2016 by readers of Windsor Independent magazine. Sproat has several EPs and one full album. His EPs are It Started With A Couch and The Happy EP.


Sproat said he became a musician in the Windsor music scene without really trying.


“Initially it all kind of started by accident. I was in a band in high school and we took part in the Battle of the Bands that Long and McQuade music store was putting on,” said Sproat. “We didn’t end up placing but one of the bands that did place had a show at Blinddog downtown a couple days after Battle of the Bands and asked us if we were interested in playing.”


Sproat said he was not aware there was a music scene in Windsor. They played music for a year and a half until the band broke up. Sproat’s music interest changed and he began writing his own solo material. Within seven to eight months he started booking solo shows.


“You can measure success in so many different ways but locally I am very proud of what I have accomplished. My debut album New Romantics was voted one of the best local albums by Windsor Independent and its readers for 2016.”


“I’ve been voted top solo male musician from Windsor magazine the past couple years,” said Sproat. “I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished, whether someone would say I’ve been very successful, it’s a matter of opinion.”


Sproat said the biggest struggle he has faced is his self-motivation. He said he is always motivated to play at shows but finds writing new songs, expanding his horizon and the numbers of people he reaches a lot more difficult then when he was younger.


Windsor has venues all over Windsor where local artists perform. Some of those places include Phog Lounge, The Windsor Beer Exchange and The Dougout. Information in regards to showtimes and dates can be found on the venues webpages.

Travis Conant
By Travis Conant April 20, 2018 13:01

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