Local woman is cancer free and enjoying her new lease on life

Ioana Iota
By Ioana Iota April 21, 2018 17:29

Simona Ionescu receiving treatment at Be Well, in Windsor, Ont. (Photo by Ioana Iota)

By Ioana Mirela Iota

Simona Ionescu appears very strong but once you get to know her, you will find that life has challenged her.

At just 43-year-old, Ionescu has faced cancer and won.

“Everything in life comes with a reason, and for me it was like being reborn, it was life changing,” she said.

Ionescu went for a normal check up for an ovarian cyst and she discovered that it was more than that — it was, in fact, ovarian cancer. It was just before Christmas, December 2016. The diagnosis was clear … adenocarcinoma.

Ionescu didn’t want to accept that diagnosis.

She started watching documentaries and looking for more opinions.

Ionescu paying for her treatment at Be Well in Windsor, Ont. (Photo by Ioana Iota)

“We thought we had a healthy life style. Apparently, it wasn’t healthy enough,” said Ionescu.

She found there are many people who are treated for cancer with alternative traditional medicine.

”There is no one recipe for treating cancer. It depends on each person, it depends on each body, it depends where you live, what resources you have. There is not one recipe, it’s a case by case matter.”

Ionescu found a naturopathic doctor in Windsor who created a plan with supplements and minerals.

“Besides vitamin C and other supplements, I followed a very good diet. I gave up eating anything that contains sugar. Sugar is recognized to feed the cancer cells,” Ionescu added.

”I also had another procedure for cleaning my blood. They took out some of my blood and cleaned it through special equipment and then put it back in my blood stream and that again cleans and takes out and cancer cells that may circulate in your blood stream,” Ionescu said, explaining what she was told.

Ionescu doing her vitamin C treatment at Be Well in Windsor, Ont. (Photo by Ioana Iota)

This procedure that Ionescu did in Michigan is known as ultraviolet blood irradiation and was recommended  by her naturopathic oncologist, Meighan Valero.

Ionescu said she also underwent surgery that removed all the cancer doctors could find, and there was lots of it. They found cancer in her uterus, among other places. They removed the omentum (a fold of peritoneum connecting the stomach with other abdominal organs), which was cancerous.

“I was supposed to start chemotherapy depending on the results of the biopsy from the surgery,” said Ionescu.

“I continued my healthy diet and vitamin C. Every single moment I trusted myself and I was 100 per cent sure it will be fine.”

Ionescu finds herself smiling when she thinks about what her oncologist told her after her surgery.

”When I met the oncologist three months after the surgery, he said that I don’t need any chemotherapy because apparently my cancer is going away,” said Ionescu.

“He just said to continue with what I am doing.”

Simona Ionescu has had a successful career in human resources. (Photo by Ioana Iota)

Cancer is a disease that affects more than one person.

Ionescu’s family has always been a great support for her. Mihai Ionescu, her husband, was there for her no matter what.

”It wasn’t easy. She was afraid but at the same time, it was like we have to change something, maybe in our family and try to spread this change,” said Mihai.

”It’s like a weakness. An awareness. You awake up from something that you think that it can’t happened to you,” Mihai added.

After the surgery, Ionescu started going to Valero for vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals to prevent cancer from coming back.

“There are cases when someone needs chemotherapy,” said Valero.

“But there are cases when there is no need for this, and the cancer can go away with the help of other treatments as is in Ionescu’s case.”

In Ionescu’s case, they were able to do the surgery and remove most of the cancer, so she didn’t need to do chemotherapy. There are some patients for whom doctors would recommend chemotherapy on top of the surgery.

Sheryl Bair and her mother Pat Meier at Be Well. (Photo by Ioana Iota)

Sheryl Bair and her mother Pat Meier are friends with Ionescu as they met at the clinic (they had different types of cancer). They all recovered and not because of chemotherapy.

“The vitamin C we’ve been doing for the last six months has been helping build my immune system to be able to fight cancer and Lyme disease. The doctors have found no cancer whatsoever in our bodies,” Bair said.

Vitamic C – Ionescu’s treatment Photo by Ioana Iota

Simona Ionescu and Mihai Ionescu can say that they are some of the luckiest people after winning the cancer fight.

”I was helped by my doctor too. He did a great job he cleaned the tumour out completely,” said Ionescu.

“People need to do more and they need to know how to do it. After what we’ve been though it’s our goal to bring awareness.”

Ionescu lives with the idea that cancer can come back any time. This is why she still follows vitamin C treatment every month, but she is a happy woman, not looking back at the time when she discovered that she had cancer.

The Ionescu’s know her cancer could return, but they remain hopeful. (Photo by Ioana Iota)




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Ioana Iota
By Ioana Iota April 21, 2018 17:29

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