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By The MediaPlex November 30, 2012 14:13

by Meagan Deschamps

The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train has hit the rails again and will be visiting over 150 communities across Canada.
The Holiday Train Program began in 1999 with a handful of communities and a few lights on a freight train. Today, with its hundreds of thousands of festive lights and a live show featuring well known performers, it’s one of CP’s main ambassadors in working with communities in Canada and the U.S. and is the only fundraiser of its kind for food banks in North America.
The Holiday Train will embark on its three-week journey Nov. 28 from Beaconsfield, Que., and will end in Port Moody, BC, Dec. 18.
Each event features a boxcar stage, a lineup of musical talent and a contribution to the local food bank. Everyone who attends is encouraged to donate food and money which stays in their community.
Entertainers on the Canadian train include Doc Walker, Miss Emily and the Brothers Dube.
The Canadian and U.S. Holiday Trains work closely with food banks, shelves, pantries, neighbourhood services and charitable organizations.
“We work with community leaders to understand specific needs and target reach,” said Kevin Hrsak, The CP media spokesperson. “We then contribute, collect, and disburse food and donations to organizations in your city.”
In addition to working with over 70 food-related community organizations across Canada and the U.S., CP supports Meal Exchange.
“The important part of the program is raising awareness that there are people in need this time of year,” said Hrsak.
Since the program’s beginning, more than $6.4 million and over 2.6 million pounds of food has been collected in Canada and the U.S.

The MediaPlex
By The MediaPlex November 30, 2012 14:13

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