Rehabilitation services and therapy approaches to heal mental illness.

Tamas Miko
By Tamas Miko December 15, 2017 14:23

Lori Market is a certified trauma practitioner. (Photo by Tamas Miko)

By Tamas Miko

Windsor’s Mental Health Connections offers a variety of services for recovery for low-income population and youth.

Mental Health Connections was established in 2004 and the agency has been helping thousands of clients recover from their mental illness ever since. A variety of services are accessible for clients ages 16 to 84. Mental Health Connections offers a safe environment where individuals can use their true potential during the recovery process.

Jean Laforge is the executive director of Mental Health Connections. The agency provides psychosocial rehabilitation programs for its clients, and different strategies for recovery. Clients can participate in different programs such as healthy mind, healthy body, peer led initiatives, life skills, nutrition and cooking classes.

Working with people who have mental illness can be challenging, according to Laforge.

“You have to understand what mental health is all about,” said Laforge.

Lori Market is a certified trauma practitioner and also has her masters degree in social work from the University of Windsor. According to Market there are not enough resources for people suffering from mental illness.

“I believe a lot of people experienced trauma and I believe our city is lacking trauma specific services,” said Market.

There are many responses to traumatization such as anxiety, severe psychological distress, PTSD, fear, shame and self-harm according to Market. Trauma is associated with terror from a traumatic life experience and every person responds differently. Some people might heal quicker and some might need years to recover.

Market said it is important to restore safety and look at the client’s social support, positive relationships and what resources are available.

“People with mental illness should learn how to reclaim a sense of hope, safety, and how to reduce the stress,” said Market.

Mental Health Connections is located at 370 Erie St. E.

Tamas Miko
By Tamas Miko December 15, 2017 14:23

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