National Adoption Weekend came to area pet stores

Shirley Feng
By Shirley Feng April 28, 2018 14:39

A staff member was playing with a bird. (Photo by Shirley Feng)

Last week, Windsor Essex welcomed the National Adoption Weekend.

Each Pet Valu store held an adoption event for rescued pets, which lasted for three days from April 20 to 22.

People who chose to attend a store located in their community were trying to make a difference. The  stores were also offering discounts for pet supplies to attract people.

“This weekend is a national adoption weekend. So every Pet Valu is helping with different rescues and showcasing the rescues in their stores. Hopefully, they’ll find homes for the animals whether they be dogs or cats,” said Sylvia Koczerzuk, one visitor to a Pet Valu store.

“We have got fun little games for cats or dogs. Some of the cats are playing the game that I have set up,” she said.

She also came to educate the public about Moggy’s Mission, which was also promoting its activities in many Pet Valu stores last weekend.

Koczerzuk thought there are more cats on the streets, because lots of people who live in suburban area will buy cats to catch mice, but they may not care for them.

“There is a lot of cats that need homes…. There is an overpopulation of cats across the country. Our rescue is important for them.”

“In this past winter, we had rescued many kittens. I remember we found one curled under a tire when it was really cold. So we found her, gave her some water, some towels, some warmth…. We had helped many kittens find friendly families.”

Now, you can still meet rescues from your local community and help these pets find forever homes.

Shirley Feng
By Shirley Feng April 28, 2018 14:39

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