Fakes and Forgeries in the Chimczuk Museum

Joy Chen
By Joy Chen January 27, 2017 13:28

The Chimczuk Museum has a new exhibit revolving around forgeries in modern designer brands. Photographed is one example of how visitors can interact with the exhibit, determining which items are forged and which are the real thing. Photo by Joy Chen.



Can you tell the difference between real objects and fake ones? That is the question posed by Windsor’s Chimczuk Museum.

Visitors to the Chimczuk Museum get a chance to play detective and try to distinguish 115 real and fake objects in the Fakes and Forgeries exhibit.

The interactive exhibit features all kinds of objects, everything from natural history to world cultures and modern designer brands.

Counterfeiting consumer goods is one of the world’s fastest growing illegal industries. Counterfeit items include many things we often use like clothing, shoes, books and bags.

“This exhibit gives people some tools to try to identify some of the fakes and tell them from the real thing,” said Madelyn Della Valle, curator of the Chimczuk Museum.

The exhibition is presenting faked and forged objects from the Royal Ontario Museum. This is the first year this exhibit has come to Windsor. Most people who tried could not tell the difference between the real and the phony artifacts in its collection.

“It’s different, but interesting to learn how the forgers can do it….how they try to copy it, and what the difference was,” said museum visitor Sue Hasenau.

There is a long tradition of forgeries. In the 1700s, figurines were very popular as decorations in European homes. In the Chimczuk Museum, there are two flower boy figurines, real and fake, side-by -side. One of them was made in England in the 1770s. The less-valuable imitation was made over 100 years later, around 1890.

When you look at the body shapes, you find the real one is much more natural. Other clues are its blotchy painting and different eye colour. If you are not sure about the authenticity of something you own, you might be able to find some information in the Chimczuk Museum.

Fakes and Forgeries will be opens until May 28.


Joy Chen
By Joy Chen January 27, 2017 13:28

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