New health and fitness festival in Windsor

Kylie Turner
By Kylie Turner April 20, 2018 12:52

Rob Fletcher is a guest speaker at the Windsor FitFest and talks about Canada’s Next Great Trainer (Photo by Kylie Turner).

By Kylie Turner

Windsor FitFest, a new health, wellness and fitness festival, held its first event at the Serbian Centre.

The event was founded and coordinated by Amanda Garant, who is known locally for her fitness journey, losing 150 pounds naturally. When Garant started her fitness journey, she blogged about it. Garant’s story was discovered and scored her a spot on the cover of Woman’s World magazine in October 2016.

“That story kind of thrust me, in a way, to the local spotlight,” said Garant. “But, with being given the chance to motivate and influence people, it put me on a platform. I thought ‘what am I going to do with this voice I now have?’ I wanted to give back.”

Garant said the two-day event had close to 46 health and wellness vendors on the first day. There were guest speakers, health seminars, fitness demonstrations, a healthy raffle table and free live workouts.

Admission was $5 at the door. Proceeds of the event are going to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program. Garant said roughly 300 people walked through the doors on the first day.

One of the guest speakers was Rob Fletcher. He has been in the martial arts, fitness and health industry for 30 years. Aside from his accomplishments in those industries Fletcher is also the creator of America’s Next Great Trainer. America’s Next Great Trainer is a marketing and promotional platform available for trainers, coaches and instructors to apply for. During his talk the event Fletcher announced America’s Next Great Trainer will be coming to Canada.This is an opportunity for Canadian personal trainers to participate in Canada’s Next Great Trainer. There is a ANGT YouTube and website which has more information about the application process.

“Two amazing people brought me here,” said Fletcher. “It’s awesome promoting health, fitness and wellness. I’m all about that.”

Garant said there will be another FitFest in the future.

For more information on upcoming events and details, follow Windsor FitFest on Facebook.

Kylie Turner
By Kylie Turner April 20, 2018 12:52

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