Ouellette Avenue closing for streetscape

Amy Bao
By Amy Bao March 3, 2018 10:55

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By Meng Bao

Construction of the new streetscape development on Ouellette Avenue between Wyandotte Street and Elliott Street started last Monday and is scheduled to last until October.

“This has been a major undertaking for an important section of roadway entering our downtown core,” said planner Adam Coates from the City of Windsor. “But we’ve done the behind-the-scenes work now, so we can move on to what residents can look forward to enjoying.”

This improvement is also a part of the project improving the streetscape and upgrading underground utilities within portions of the downtown area.

The downtown Windsor streetscape has been developed over four phases already. The first phase was completed in 2006, and the last construction project was completed in 2010, more than eight years ago.

This development will focus on surface features like the walls of buildings and the landscaping beside the road.

According to information from the City of Windsor, there will only be a single lane northbound open for local traffic during construction. Detour signs will be posted for non-local traffic.

The intersection of Wyandotte and Ouellette will generally open to traffic, except for the restriction of southbound movements onto Ouellette, south of Wyandotte.

Buses regularly using the road will change routes during this period. For more bus information, please check on the Transit Windsor section of the City of Windsor website.

Amy Bao
By Amy Bao March 3, 2018 10:55

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