The year of the dog in China.

Sunnio Zeng
By Sunnio Zeng February 24, 2018 08:41

The year of the dog in China.

The annual CAGW Lunar New Year Gala taken place on last Saturday, at St. Clair College’s Centre for the Arts.

This event attracted people from different countries, China, Canada, India, the United States and so on.

The gala includes two parts – 8 courses (mostly Chinese cuisines, non-vegetarian) banquet at the Skyline room and afterwards the live performance at the Chrysler theatre. Proudly some of international students contributed performances.

From Canada, Steve Burman is district manager. He is very impressed with the Spring Festival gala in China.And His family and friends came to the gala.

“we realized that new year is refresh star and new beginning, at time, we enjoy family. and but also, hopefully, new beginning new year. I don’t know the celebrate of dog, but I know that we have dogs in my life.” Steve said.

And another people Iris Burman says “celebrating with family is really most important about new year, celebrate here, and pray us.”

The Spring Festival gala in China is very important for every Chinese. We will get together with our families and get together with our friends.

In the New Year, hopefully,  we can be safe, healthy, happy .

Sunnio Zeng
By Sunnio Zeng February 24, 2018 08:41

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