Post Productions has no DOUBT about their newest theatre show

March Ren
By March Ren February 2, 2018 09:36

By March Ren

There’s a new theatre company in town – and they’re opening a new show in a new space.

At the Shadowbox Theatre, Post Productions will present DOUBT: A PARABLE, the winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award, for Windsor audiences in February.

DOUBT is a tense story between a priest and a nun at a church school and deals with themes of doubt, faith and morality in a thrilling way and leaves audiences thinking about the struggle in the show.

“The show really makes you question your own perspectives, your own biases. It’s a relatable story that you can put yourself into and see yourself in,” said Fay Lynn, one of the founders of Post Productions. “We want to bring intimately staged, very intense, very realistic life performed on the stage to Windsor audiences.”

Lynn also said she wants the show to impact people and let them talk about it.

“It’s exciting to me, as a first-time director,” said Tova Perlimutter the director of the DOUBT. She said working with the talented actors to share her ideas makes her thrilled. Perlimutter calls it a good “supervisory” experience.

DOUBT will have eight shows from Feb. 2 to 17Windsor audiences can purchase tickets at the door or online at


Interview conducted by March Ren.

March Ren
By March Ren February 2, 2018 09:36

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