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Ryan Jones
By Ryan Jones October 6, 2017 13:31
Katie Stokes is the owner of Blab Media. (Photo courtesy of Katie Stokes)

Katie Stokes is the owner of Blab Media. (Photo courtesy of Katie Stokes)

By Ryan Jones

A local business owner is  inspiring other entrepreneurs in the city of Windsor with her passion and dedication.

It all started seven years ago in October of 2010. Blab Media was originally a partnership for five years but two years ago, Katie Stokes at “29 years young,” became the sole founder and owner.

“Blab was born when myself and my former co-founder got together and decided that there was too much red tape surrounding social media in the workplace,” said Stokes. “We had complementary skills and a mutual desire to build something new and take some chances on an industry that hadn’t found its way to Windsor yet.”

Stokes quickly shaped Blab Media into what it is today – a business that provides supportive and inspirational services to all local businesses. Services include: social media maintenance, workshops, training, blogging and more. Stokes said Blab Media’s main purpose is to help develop a business’s online presence.

Over the years she has worked with numerous clients including home-based artisans and multi-million dollar corporations, building several relationships along the way. Stokes said it is not just about money, it is about making an imprint, creating change and instilling inspiration. She said she lives by the saying, “we rise by lifting others.”

“I realized that if we all just took some time to help each other instead of holding each other back, the world would be a better place. Less cut-throat competition and more collaborative support,” said Stokes.

Because of this collaboration, Anna Kwiatkowski was able to grow her all-natural cleaning business. Kwiatkowski is 26 and owns Neat Cleaning Co. which uses cruelty-free and biodegradable products. These are products that are not tested on animals and are healthier for the environment because they can decompose. She said she started the business because she was tired of working jobs that did not suit her and now has 11 clients.

Katie was actually my first client [for the cleaning business] and she helped me figure out some of the initial kinks I wasn’t aware of, such as the consultation run-down, my client application form and how to reformat it. She helped me come up with a simple survey for Neat Cleaning Co. Her shoutouts for Neat Cleaning Co. on Blab Media’s Instagram has helped me gain a couple dozen new followers on mine. She gave me exposure and that’s honestly the best thing a new business can receive,” said Kwiatkowski.

Ultimately, Kwiatkowski said her goal for Neat Cleaning Co. is to make people more conscious of the waste produced and to make people more observant when it comes to product-packaging. She said Stoke’s business is essential to Windsor because it offers support and creativity which she was able to take advantage of.  

“Katie and Blab Media, shine light on the hidden gems that Windsor-Essex has to offer,” Kwiatkowski said.

Ryan Jones
By Ryan Jones October 6, 2017 13:31

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