Remembering Chris Cornell

Noah Gecelovsky
By Noah Gecelovsky May 21, 2017 09:11

Remembering Chris Cornell

After a high energy performance at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Chris Cornell, lead singer for Soundgarden, was found dead in his hotel bathroom at the MGM Grand Hotel.

Cornell’s body was found in his hotel bathroom after the band finished their show on May 17.

Cornell was a member of the famous Seattle-grunge band Soundgarden which he, along with Kim Thayil and Hiro Yamamoto, created in 1984.  

Soundgarden would be the first grunge band out of Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Nirvana to be signed to a major record label in 1990. Together they achieved significant mainstream success with the rising popularity of grunge music. From 1984 to their disbanding in 1997, Soundgarden released six full-length albums — three of them reaching the top 10 on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts.  

After the breakup of Soundgarden in 1997, Cornell took his lyrical abilities and song writing and began a solo career that would span from 1998-2000 and later continue from 2006-2017.

During his 14 year solo career, Cornell released five albums, all reaching top 20 spots on the U.S. Billboard 200. His first album Euphoria Morning features a song he wrote dedicated to his late friend Jeff Buckley called Wave Goodbye.  

After Zack de la Rocha quit the band Rage Against the Machine in 2000, the remaining members were still looking to make music. So they called Cornell and together formed the band called Audioslave.

Audioslave was together from 2001-2007 when Rage reunited and Cornell returned to his solo career.  

With wife Vicky, Cornell fathered two children, Toni and Christopher Nicholas. He also has a daughter,  Lillian Jean with his previous wife and former Soundgarden manager Susan Silver.

He was voted the ninth greatest singer of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, 12th on MTV’s list of “22 Greatest Voices in Music” and “Rock’s Greatest Singer” by the subscribers of the magazine Guitar World.

His last solo project prior to his death was the release of his charity song called “The Promise” for the ending credits of the movie with the same name.  

Best known for his work with Soundgarden and Audioslave along with his solo releases, Cornell also played in other bands and with other artists. His most notable collaboration would be in 1990 with the band Temple of the Dog. Temple of the Dog sold millions of CDs with hit songs like “Hunger Strike” and “Say Hello to Heaven.”

Cornell will be missed by his wife Vicky,  their two children Toni and Christopher Nicholas, and daughter Lillian Jean.  Adoring fans that have followed him over the course of his 33 year career will mourn the industry’s loss.   

Cornell’s death has been ruled a suicide by relevant authorities.

Chris Cornell leaves behind a message for those struggling with addiction of any kind. “[In rehab] they give you such a simple message that any idiot can get and it’s just over and over, but the bottom line is really, and this is the part that is scary for everyone, the individual kinda has to want [to get better] … not kinda, you have to want it and to not do that crap anymore or you will never stop and it will just kill you.”

Noah Gecelovsky
By Noah Gecelovsky May 21, 2017 09:11

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