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Chelsea Girard
By Chelsea Girard February 23, 2018 12:09

By Chelsea Girard

Disaster Strike took the title of Rock for Dimes 2018 Champions at the annual fundraiser hosted by March of Dimes at Average Joes on Feb. 16.

Rock for Dimes is the March of Dimes national fundraiser and benefits programs such as unemployment and rehabilitation and more than 23 advocacy services across the province. Rock for Dimes is hosted in 13 cities across Canada, including Windsor, Vancouver and Edmonton.

Tyler Hillman and Matt Scalzo play at the WIndsor Rock for Dimes event. Photo by Chelsea Girard.

Matt Scalzo, bass player for Disaster Strike, said this opportunity has allowed the band to perform some of their new music and support a great cause at the same time.

“I’ve been playing in this band for about four years now and March for Dimes has really given us the opportunity to showcase our talents,” said Scalzo. “We worked hard for this and love playing for live audiences.”

This battle of the bands style fundraiser is dedicated to local musicians competing in a friendly fundraiser in front of a roster of Canadian music industry professionals. The event hosted local bands from Windsor-Essex including Disaster Strike, Midnight Metro, Band Rock of Ages, Rock Avenue Ticket, Zephur and The Trudy’s.

Zephur, The Trudy’s and Disaster Strike, battled for the trophy, but Disaster Strike ultimately took the top prize.

Rock for Dimes hopes to match last year’s goal and raise another $10,000 towards MODC’s programs and services. To date, Rock for Dimes Windsor has raised over $27,000.

Casie Chaplin, bassist for The Trudy’s said it is events like these that bring the community together.

“I love events where you are able to be yourself while working towards a greater community,” said Chaplin. “We see people with disabilities but we never do anything about it, but it’s events like these where we can make a difference.”

Rock for Dimes has raised over $1.5 million nationally to support March of Dimes Canada’s various programs and services for children and adults with physical disabilities.

Chelsea Girard
By Chelsea Girard February 23, 2018 12:09

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