Rupi Kaur – Duo Review

Ryan Jones
By Ryan Jones January 12, 2018 11:10


Last month, when a cardboard box labeled Indigo came in the mail, I got excited. This meant that Rupi Kaur’s second book of poetry, the sun and her flowers, would be in my possession. From the minute I held the book in my hands I had a smile plastered on my face.


I already read Kaur’s first book, milk and honey, but it had been a while, so before picking up her second work of poetry I read milk and honey all over again.


I decided to incorporate the two books into a duo review. To me, reviewing poetry is more of an analyzation of the experience with the book.


Both works were hands-down a five-star rating. I find it quite interesting that all of her poems —in both books — contained all lower-case letters and no punctuation. I had to get used to reading the sentence structure in this particular way as it morphed the flow, but eventually I adapted to the unique rhythm. The drawings accompanying the poems were minimalist and effective, adding deeper meaning to Kaur’s message.


Due to the similar themes of both books, I recommend them to mature audiences only. Topics of rape, cultural conflict, relationships, suicide and self-love are spread throughout the pages.


I enjoyed both books. Both made me cry, laugh and smile but I have to say I enjoyed the sun and her flowers a bit more than milk and honey. I think this is because the theme of rape was not as daunting in this work as it was in the other one.


there is

nothing left

to worry about

the sun and her flowers are here

Ryan Jones
By Ryan Jones January 12, 2018 11:10

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