Ruthven celebrates 38th Apple Fest

Simar Kalra
By Simar Kalra October 2, 2017 18:02

By Simar Kalra

(Photo courtesy of Colasanti's)

(Photo courtesy of Colasanti’s)


Ruthven’s Apple Festival is a yearly event that takes place in Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens in Kingsville, Ont.

It attracts vendors from all over, exhibiting their farm produce and goods such as books and bee’s wax candles.

“Book stalls are fantastic opportunity as vendors to tell about our business to people,” said Sarah Fletcher of Usborne Books. “We had a great turnout at this festival and we will come back next year again.”

The community event has been selected as one of Ontario’s top 100 best festivals three times since 2009 by Festival and Events Ontario. It is also a fundraiser for Community Living Essex County in support of people with intellectual disabilities. Proceeds will go toward the purchase and support of wheelchair available vehicles.

“We had more vendors this year. We have different events that take place in the fest. We have a car show, farmers market and lots of donations that we raffle off as prizes,” said Natalie Crawford, an event volunteer. “Last year, we made $50,000 from the event and this year we want to beat that and raise more.”

The event also features various attractions such as a car race, live band, food trucks, henna tattoos, face painting and magic shows.

The Ruthven Apple Festival will return in 2018 at the end of September.

Simar Kalra
By Simar Kalra October 2, 2017 18:02

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