Salvation Army Christmas kettle campaign finishes well

Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk January 10, 2018 20:56

The Salvation Army raised a record amount of money in its annual Kettle Drive. Mediaplex file photo.

By Kati Panasiuk

An organization that runs on donations is pleased to have achieved its financial goals.

Major Paul Moulds, of the Salvation Army, said he has been proud of the staff and volunteers over the last five or six weeks.

“We truly believe that Windsor appreciates us,” said Moulds. “We’re excited to continue to serve Windsor and area.”

The goal was $315,000 this year and they exceeded that, finishing at $319,074.47 even though they lost 40 shifts that never were covered.

“We work really hard to cover shifts,” said Moulds. “People expect to see us at Christmas.”

He said they filled 1,192 shifts in the area this past Christmas and are hoping to work on getting more next year.

With the generosity of donors and businesses the Salvation Army can now help the less fortunate who need the extra help in times of need, he said.

Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk January 10, 2018 20:56

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