Saying goodbye to man’s best friend

Emma Butler
By Emma Butler March 23, 2018 15:08

Matt Langille shows off his tattoo of his dog, Tugger. (Photo by Emma Butler)

By Emma Butler

Tugger is Matt Langille’s first dog and after eight years together, they have grown to share a special relationship.

“He is definitely my dog, he is with me at all times,” said Langille. “When I come home he comes just to see me.”

Matt has also made a Facebook page for his dog where he shares funny pictures and moments of Tugger and he has dedicated a lot of time and effort as well. He has even dedicated part of his arm to Tugger in a tattoo.

“In the eight years I have probably spent $8,000 to $10, 000 [on him],” said Langille.

However, good things do not last forever. Windsor has many animal hospitals and veterinary clinics which offer service to clients when their pets lives are near the end.

Matt already has a plan set for when Tugger’s time comes.

“As his quality of life goes down, I would just get him put down,” said Langille. “I don’t want him to suffer, but after the fact I would be devastated.”

Many people are changing their ways when it comes to dealing with the loss of their pet and with that comes services from veterinarian clinics.

Andria Bortolotto, a veterinarian assistant who previously worked in Windsor, explained how animal hospitals help out with the final stages of pets lives.

“The hospital offered euthanasia services, cremation services, locks of hair and paw print paintings and molds as a memorial,” said Bortolotto. “I helped prepare the locks of hair or paw prints with a vet technician guidance.”

Animal hospitals and veterinary clinics in Windsor have many services they offer, but with that there can be some issues.

“There was one incident where a women threatened to write to the news because of the paw print painting and how she found it disgusting that we took part in such services,” said Bortolotto. “Some people were also in denial about their animals health and would be offended at the doctor even suggesting euthanasia.”

“[Many people] choose to let their pet pass away naturally at home and opt-out of euthanasia. It is 100 per cent the client’s choice,” said Bortolotto.

The death of a pet certainly makes a huge impact on a person’s life and how they cope with the loss. When it comes time to say goodbye do not be afraid of doing it alone.

Emma Butler
By Emma Butler March 23, 2018 15:08

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