Scavenger Hunt at Chimczuk Museum

Harshpal Singh
By Harshpal Singh December 22, 2017 12:15

The Chimczuk Museum is a premier museum destination that houses exhibits on the history of the Windsor area. Photo by Harshpal Singh.

The Chimczuk Museum is offering family-friendly activities during December, including over the Christmas break.

Staff hope it will be an opportunity for parents to teach their children about the history of Windsor.

“We have some winter theme events happening throughout the Christmas break at the Chimczuk Museum and Francois Baby House,” said Craig Capacchione, museum coordinator. “One of which is scavenger hunt for school-age children where they look for the exhibits of Chimczuk Museum, find some of the hidden items and artifacts, answer some questions and get a prize.”

Richa Varma was visiting the museum for the first time with her family.

“The kids are having a great afternoon here at the Art Gallery of Windsor doing the holiday scavenger hunt,” she said. “They got to learn about Windsor as they walked around and towards the main floor of the gallery. Also having a lot of fun doing crafts on their own and making a Christmas-themed box they are colouring and playing with all the interactive exhibits here.”

The event has a nominal admission fee. Children under 3 are free. Older children and student up to 24 years old are $4 and adults are $5.

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Harshpal Singh
By Harshpal Singh December 22, 2017 12:15

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