Sho Studios expand the old Borden’s Dairy into an artistic hub

Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk April 28, 2018 15:00

(From left to right) Phil McLeod, Susan McLeod, Lorraine Steele, Greg Dehetre and Barry Brodie stand in their Sho Studio on Monmouth Street in Windsor on April 21. (Photo by Kati Panasiuk)

By Kati Panasiuk

You have probably driven by it numerous times and not even known the artistic flare hidden behind the red brick walls of the old dairy building.

Sho Studios has expanded their artistic space from 1,000 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. on Monmouth Street in Walkerville.

Combining art, spirit and performance, the facility was originally started by Phil Mcleod and his wife Susan  more than 10 years ago.

“My husband Phil McLeod was looking for studio space,” said McLeod. “A place where he could be creative. This place has special significance to us.”

They started with the building that was originally Borden’s Dairy and later became a mechanics’ shop. Phil’s dad and oldest brother worked for the dairy and Phil grew up in Walkerville with fond memories of the place, said Susan.

A group of close friends came aboard while Phil and Susan were in their first year of building up the artistic space. A team of five directors were created and Sho was made.

Lorraine Steele is one of the directors and is thrilled with the new expansion of the studio.

“We believe everybody should be creative. Those components make very, very healthy cities,” said Steele.  “We want Windsor to be the healthiest city it can be. That’s our goal. We’re excited about it.”

Steele says they realized a lot of people really wanted to do what they were doing so they created a creative hub for artists to come together.

The first associate to join the studio was Katherine Roth who also had work on display for the grand reveal of the new space on Saturday night.

“Sho has been around since 2012 when I first became an associate,” said Roth. “It’s becoming the hub of artistic talent in this community.”

Sho now has 16 people who are associated with the gallery. They do art displays, performances, poetry — a combination of artistic pursuits that offer people in the community a chance to be themselves.

Barry Brodie is one of the directors and says it was a great opportunity to highlight the new space with a fundraiser for the new film ‘On The Money.’

“We were thinking of a way for people to see the space, and these friends and colleagues of ours wanted to throw a fundraiser for their new film,” said Brodie. “They said, ‘Can we do it here?’ We said, ‘Sure, it would be a great opportunity for us.’”

The massive space was lit up with bright vibrant colours in every room. The theatrical room hosted an invitation-only event to see a variety of sneak peaks for the new documentary film On The Money.

A private performance of the movie was even sung live for the audience with a choir and video promos throughout the night.

The fancy affair also gave members of the arts community a chance to see the new expansion before the public reveal in the coming months.

The Sho Studios Logo lit up on the floor of theatrical room April 21 in Windsor, Ont.
(Photo by Kati Panasiuk)

Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk April 28, 2018 15:00

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