Spitfires Festival

Kurlis Mati
By Kurlis Mati February 23, 2018 11:38

Loyal Spitfires enjoy an event full of fun activities (Photo by Julianna Bonnett)

By Kurlis Mati

Many loyal fans enjoyed a fun afternoon of activities and autograph signing, at the annual Spitfires Festival.  

On Feb. 17, Spitfires’ fans with season tickets were able to meet their favourite players and enjoy activities such as face painting, bouncy castles, a photobooth, Zoo2you shows and much more at the WFCU Centre.

The annual event brought together fans of all ages. Fan Jim Williams said the event is a nice bonus for the season ticket holders.

“It gives us a little something extra we get that nobody else will,” said Williams. “We get to come in, meet the players, get some autographs and see the stuff they have.”

Fans were also able to shoot on the ice for a chance to win $600 off of their season tickets next year.  

Dick Tracy, a fan also known by many as the “Spitfires Flag Man,” said he was the first one to be able to go into the dressing room and get autographs. Tracy called it “awesome.”

“You go into the dressing room and see where the boys train and where the actual workout area is,” said Tracy. ”I have nine jerseys and five flags that are autographed by the Memorial Cup teams.”

Nathan Sellon, manager of fan development for the Windsor Spitfires, said the event was important for their fans.  

“This is the day where we give back to our most loyal fans,” said Sellon. “It is not only a fun day for the fans, but also a fun day for us as well, to talk and shake hands with them”

Season tickets for the Spitfires range from around $400 to $700 a year, depending on a person’s seating and age. For more information go to windsorspitfires.com

Kurlis Mati
By Kurlis Mati February 23, 2018 11:38

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