St. Clair College hosts baseball championship

Sreedha Varanasi
By Sreedha Varanasi October 20, 2017 13:11

By Sreedha Varanasi



St. Clair College is hosting the 2017 OCAA Men’s Baseball Championship at Bert Lacasse Park Oct. 20-21.

The park has hosted many major provincial championships in the past and its bleachers can hold several hundred spectators.

The St. Clair Saints are the full-time reigning champions at the competition and are joined by the Durham Lords, the Humber Hawks and the Fanshawe Falcons.

Team games are scheduled based on their regular season records. The first game will be Durham vs. Humber followed by Fanshawe vs. St. Clair. The winners of these games will determine which teams play the next set of games.

The St. Clair Saints are 14-4 in their regular season, and two of the team’s players recently took home the League All-Star team recognition award at the OCAA Championship awards banquet.

Times for the tournament games can be found on the St. Clair College Athletics website.

Sreedha Varanasi
By Sreedha Varanasi October 20, 2017 13:11

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