Stories are told through songs at Windsor’s Folk Society’s showcase concert

Simar Kalra
By Simar Kalra January 8, 2018 13:42

Performers at the Windsor’s Folk Music at Mackenzie Hall on Friday Jan. 5, 2018

A different kind of music filled the room on a Friday night and got a house full of people tapping their feet.

Windsor’s Folk Music and Arts Society had its first showcase for the new year at Mackenzie Hall in Windsor’s Old Sandwich Town.

Local musicians including Bob Garrett, Karen Morand and Bob Boyle played some of their self-composed songs. The audience gave them a warm reception.

Martha Renaud, president of Windsor Folk, said they are trying to keep folk music alive by providing artists with a space to showcase their talent.

The event offers a platform for singers and songwriters who want to get experience in performing in front of an audience. Windsor Folk also provides a development program to newcomers by mentoring and helping them enhance their skills.

Renaud said they are looking for other venues so local singers can showcase their own music.

“We all are encompassing here, so we get music from different countries and communities. We get storytelling, we get east-west coast music, we get any kind of music,” she said. “Folk music can be any kind of music. So, its just providing that kind of venue. Just share your passion, share your music, share your song and share your story.”

Louis Warner McDougall has been coming to the showcase concert for 25 years now and says its flavour is still the same.

“I have been coming here since it started. I come here because I like an alternative night out,” McDougall said. “I no longer drink alcohol, so I come here and have tea or coffee, listen to good music with people who actually listen and is homegrown and local. I like folk music and I like to support local people.”

One musician of the night, Bob Boyle, said he always receives a warm reception from the audience.

“You write your own songs and there’s not a lot of places where you can play your own music and get validation,” said Boyle. “They know what works and what doesn’t. It’s really rewarding to know that songs you write for yourself also touch the chords of other people as well.”

“There’s a lot places in Windsor, which are getting into live music scene now and it doesn’t matter if you are of my age or a teenager,” added Boyle. “It’s so wonderful to get an audience and it’s so important that your music gets heard and you grow from each performance and get better and better and get the confidence.”

This is the 26th year for Windsor’s Folk Music and Arts Society.   The event welcomes anyone who is looking for a warm alternative to enjoy the weekend.

Simar Kalra
By Simar Kalra January 8, 2018 13:42

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