Strengthening the Mind

Raman Pandey
By Raman Pandey December 8, 2023 13:14

When I think of mental health, one quote that strikes mind is “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” 

In today’s era where life has become extremely fast the impact of exercise on our body is the only way in which we can keep our mind as well as body fit and sound. With exercise, we can train our mind to stay calm, happy and help us reduce stress and increase confidence, help fight depression and negative thoughts.  

Physical exercise like going to gym not only helps us to fight depression but while we do physical workout, we burn extra calories and extra fat preventing us from various diseases like diabetes it also helps maintain our cholesterol level keeps our heart and skin refresh. And while doing physical exercise our body releases certain types of hormones that keep us happy and prevent us from panic attacks and mood swings. 

Sam Willson, a 24-year-old freak from Windsor, goes regularly to Winsor aquatic center and gym to work out and shared his personal gym story about how exercise helps us in many ways.  

“I’m vegetarian and like to eat veggies and proteins, on regular basis I start with cardio and then I go with strength training it keeps my body and mind calm and cool,” said Willson. “Gym can be complementary therapy for anxiety and depression going gym on regular basics can provide structural and sense of accomplishment and increase positivity, one should also do yoga as well as running and regular exercise can furthermore increase better sleep quality and helps fighting insomnia.’’ 

It has been seen in lot of people who has been going through mental phase doctors suggest them to take yoga therapies as yoga is one of the ancient forms of exercise yoga is a kind of act in which people perform various kind of poses to increase their strength, focus and flexibility by doing yoga one can cure diseases like asthma, lung cancer and hailfall is directly related to mental health as it is good for our overall health like mind, soul and body. 

27-year-old fitness coach Naveen Kumar who chose fitness as his profession and is currently a Coach at Fit 4 Less gym gave many tips about health. 

“I started doing exercise at early age, but he has been doing it seriously for the last two years,” said Kumar.” I do all kinds of exercise. I start with cardio as well as strength training and I do yoga as well. Physical exercise and mental health are interconnected. 

 “I believe if you are putting effort into physical health, it will improve your mental health and it will improve mood as well as cognition and emotional wellbeing directly. Eating clean and healthily is especially important if you are not eating clean and healthy exercise will not show you satisfactory results and if you eat clean you get all the protein vitamins and all the nutrients for your body. 

Physical activities trigger the release of certain hormones such as endorphins and promote a sense of calm. Water is also a basic component needed for the body. Proper hydration supports cognitive functions and helps to prevent symptoms like headaches. Physical exercise will improve the flow of blood in our body and growth of new hormones which will help our mental health as well as physical health. It will improve your mood and help with better concentration and improve your memory as well. Exercise helps in reversing the age and improving immune system as we grow old. Aerobics and swimming also help in keeping our mental health good.” said Kumar. 

Harsh, 27-year-old student at University of Windsor said that while we are doing running, we are also burning extra calories and it relates to body and mind, “breath relates to our body and with the good health and good body we can keep our mind in good form. There are many exercises I do daily, like Yog asana, crunches, and dumbbells. Meditation is the best way to feel fresh and happy. And by meditation you can concentrate properly at one point and going to feel stress free.” 

Physical exercise is the best tool to fight negativity and as well as we should try to play any sports also as sports is an also form of doing physical workout the basic thing is when we are sweating out, we are sweating out negativity and stress from us.  

Raman Pandey
By Raman Pandey December 8, 2023 13:14

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