Super Bowl an advantage for local businesses

Millar Hill
By Millar Hill February 10, 2018 08:23

Bob Reaume photographed on Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018 at his business in Windsor, Ont. Photo by Millar Hill.

By Millar Hill

New England Patriots versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

Neither team is a local favorite, but owners of local businesses that cash in on sports games say they have a successful weekend in sales regardless of the teams playing.

Local restaurants, bars and sport apparel stores anticipated a busy weekend for Super Bowl LII.

Whether it’s watching the game on the big screen or attending a party – businesses are catering to the needs of football fans city-wide.

Chris O’Keefe, the day manager at Loose Goose Resto Pub & Lounge, said there has been a high demand in take-out orders for the big game.

“Generally speaking for Super Bowl, we will get busy,” said O’Keefe. “Most people do parties at their house, so we do expect that we will do quite a bit in food sales.”

On social media – wings, pizza and assorted dips seem to be the trending dishes for Super Bowl Sunday.

Mike Flores, owner of Bullseye Pizza in East Windsor, said he expects up to 40 delivery orders.

“So far we’ve been pretty busy and we are planning on a really busy night once the game starts. We have ten pre-orders already for the game.”

According to CNN, nearly 115 million people watched last year’s game.

The majority of Bob Reaume’s sales have been football merchandise leading up to Sunday at his store Bob Reaume Sports.

“We brought in more Philadelphia stuff this week, which is just about gone also,” he said. “We do well with guys having parties and bars that want merchandise.”

“Our NFL season is busier than our hockey season. I’ve had probably 35-45 people just looking for NFL gear,” he added.

This year it was an exciting game for both teams.

The Philadelphia Eagles took home their first Super Bowl title in a 41-33 game against the New England Patriots.




Millar Hill
By Millar Hill February 10, 2018 08:23

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