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Trump’s environmental budget cut “should wake Canadians up”: researcher

Trump’s environmental budget cut “should wake Canadians up”: researcher

🕔12:11, 24.Mar 2017

Home to the largest freshwater lakes on earth, Canada plays a pivotal role in protecting its water but U.S. President Donald Trump’s recent proposal to cut 31 per cent of the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget raises concerns. Initiated by the

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Opinions rise as U.S. presidential debates heat up

🕔13:52, 14.Oct 2016

With the American presidential election fast approaching, some have picked sides while others prefer to sit and watch from the sidelines. Whether people like it or not, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United

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U.S. election through Canadian eyes

🕔13:22, 14.Oct 2016

The United States election is less than a month away and has captured the attention of many, including those who do not live in the country. Daniel Manera, an 18-year-old graphic design student at St. Clair College, says he has

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