Taking care of your skin to prevent cancer

Sente Mushunduzi
By Sente Mushunduzi February 16, 2018 13:40

By Sente Mushunduzi


Many Canadians die each year from melanoma but there are ways to prevent this today.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, 7,200 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer 3,300 women will be diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer and 450 will die per year.

“Understanding the type of sunscreen you are using is very important,” said Vanessa Steele, medical esthetician and makeup artist from Image Clinic in Windsor.

Sunblocks are formulated to shield against UVB rays (ultraviolet B radiation), while sunscreens are in protection of UVA rays (ultraviolet A radiation). In order to fully protect your skin, you should choose a broad-spectrum protection formulated sunscreen that will protect you against both rays. Most formulas contain a mixture of both sunblocks and sunscreens.

“Wearing sunscreen on your face before putting on makeup will protect you from aging but you must drink water,” said Beauty Boutique expert  from Shopper’s Drug Mart Paige Bondy.

According to The Guardian website, when you wear sunscreen every day you are killing two birds with one stone. Not only are you preventing aging and pigmentation, but your skin will look younger for many years.

The Canadian Cancer Society said more than over 1,250 Canadians died from melanoma skin cancer in 2017.

Experts from The Doctors show suggest it is best to consult with a doctor who specializes in dermatology to assess your skin condition and ensure proper medical treatment.

Sente Mushunduzi
By Sente Mushunduzi February 16, 2018 13:40

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