Talk about a series

Ryan Jones
By Ryan Jones December 1, 2017 12:47

Talk about a series

We all have that one favourite book series – one that we could read over and over again, never growing bored of the captivating storyline, the memorable characters and the dizzying plot twists. This series for me is Lauren Oliver’s Delirium Trilogy.  


It was one year ago when I decided to visit my town’s second-hand shop. It was the perfect day for a walk – sun shining, breeze blowing – absolute comfort.


Scanning the shelves alone was quite a particular experience. It was interesting to see all the books people no longer felt the need to keep, from old Shakespeare plays to classic romance novels. For whatever reason, I was drawn to a green spine with cream lettering which read: Delirium. I could tell the book was well-used due to the crease on the cover and the imprint of handwritten notes on some of the pages. Of course this did not hinder my decision to flip over the book to read what it was about. I was hooked – a dystopian novel that classifies love as a disease.


Upon arriving home, I remember blogging about the book on Bookstagram and sitting down right away to read it.


I finished the book within three days and within the next month I had purchased the other two books of the trilogy and named Lauren Oliver one of my favourite authors.


The trilogy revolves around a girl named Lena who acquires the disease “deliria”, which we know as love. The government goes to great forces to make sure people do not catch this disease, living lives devoid of physical touch, laughter and smiles but full of brain analyzation, compatability tests and institutionalization. That is right. Once one reaches the age of 18, it is law that the teenager receives their “cure” – a brain operation to delete all notions of love.


Throughout the series you are able to get lost in Lena’s journey as she falls in love 95 days before her surgery.


Blood. Tears. Needles. Explosions.

Is love really worth it?


I hope the storyline grabbed your attention as much as it did mine. Oliver’s writing is also a bonus – it is creative, complex and colourful yet easy to read. It contains a combination of long sentences, short, powerful lines and great contextual dialogue.


Prepare yourself – it is contagious.


Stay tuned for next week to find out tips on how to make the most out of your reading experience.


Until next time, keep on reading.


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Ryan Jones
By Ryan Jones December 1, 2017 12:47

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