Media Convergence Team Bios

Media Convergence is a one-year graduate diploma program. Our students already have a degree or diploma (usually in journalism, but sometimes in a related field), or they have been working in the media and want to polish their storytelling skills in a rapidly changing industry. We have students from all over the world, as well as from here in Canada. This is our eager team for this year.


Qianzi “Joy” Chen

My major was tourism management in China. But I have also become interested in media, which is powerful and plays such a large role of our lives. The media gives value to societies and helps to shape collective memory. So, this discipline requires us to be careful, read more, learn more, care more about everything. This subject is challenging for me, so I choose to study it.

Chenchen “Cici” Deng

I a 22-year-old woman, from Chongqing, in southwest China. One of the greatest decisions I have ever made is choosing journalism as my major in university.

Journalism has taught me a lot of things like you should never judge anything before you know more about it. And you should be objective instead of judging based on your emotion.

After three years studying of journalism, I realized the things journalism has taught me are exactly the same as the things you should know to deal with life. You learn more about journalism, you learn more about life.

Journalism is helping me to be a better person and to love myself more.

So, here I am at St. Clair College studying media convergence, to gain even more knowledge of journalism and life.



Michael Hugall

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” – Albert Camus

A passion for media and storytelling fuels my ambition in this ever-changing industry. I have dedicated my early adult life to the study and practice of journalism on several platforms. I graduated from St. Clair College’s journalism program while also volunteering in the media, including That’s Sports Show where I am one of three hosts. The show features local athletes and their sports. I have experience in music and talk radio on CJAM 99.1FM, a campus-community radio station in Windsor. Lastly, I have written for Lakeshore News, the Lasalle Post and the Windsor Independent.

My interests include travelling, history and participating in a yearly fantasy football pool. (Maybe one day I’ll finally win.)

I’m just your average high school jock whose sports career fell short and now I am trying to realign the pieces to relive my glory days.

Stay golden.

Jeremy James

My name is Jeremy James Fokuoh and I am an aspiring journalist from Toronto. My main interest is in sports – especially basketball, but I am not opposed to writing about anything else. I’ve always had a curious mind and asked a lot of questions. Now, at 23, I want to use that curiosity to write news stories for radio, TV and print. I plan to take my talents and teachings from the Mediaplex and St.Clair College into analytics for professional basketball or eventually into documentary making. The world is continually changing but the need to be informed will never change … and that’s where I come in.



Sonia Jacob

Journalism is all about having the nose for stories, and that’s what draws me to this field. I am enthusiastic, and I love observing the world with a critical eye.
Hailing from the rich golden Arabian sands of Kuwait, I am Sonia Jacob Koshy. From early childhood, I loved writing in the pages of my diary. The diary and the pen were my favorite toys. I am 21 years old and I graduated from the journalism school of Mumbai in 2016. I love taking serious issues and presenting them with a humorous tone. Besides writing, sports is my second love. Call me to play and I will instantly become friends with you.
I’ll never forget the words of a professor; “If you want to become a journalist how many words are you writing per day?”

Yueying “Amaris” Liu

I come from Beijing, the historical capital of China. I am 20 years old and I have come to St. Clair College to study media convergence. I feel I am lucky to be here. I believe I can get success through studying at St. Clair where we are all working hard for a better future. In my leisure time, I like to travel, work out Sudoku, among other things. I also want to meet different people in different countries and know more about their cultures and customs through travelling. By the way, Windsor is beautiful and I would recommend the city and college to anyone.



Nantanaa Mutharasu

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Second Class Honours) from Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom, majoring in public relations and media. Upon returning to my home country, Malaysia, I was offered a job as a public relations executive. I have since explored the media industry, discovering my passion for writing and landing a job as an editor for two magazines – Cycling Malaysia and Running Malaysia. For the past six months, I was a senior writer for Shape magazine in Malaysia. With two years of experience in the media, I understood there was more for me to discover.  When I am not writing, I am painting landscapes around the theme of escapism. I also love travelling and I am always down for an adventure. One of the best and hardest lessons I learned climbing Mount Kinabalu – the only way out is through!

Lu Niu

When I was a little girl, I watched TV shows and thought maybe someday I could be part of a show or perhaps become a famous singer – even a superstar. This dream was a struggle in my heart for many years. I tried to sing and imitate celebrities. Finally, I realized I don’t want to be a role model for the people. There is lot of pressure to be good in front of a billion Chinese people. So, it was time to seriously consider what I should do in the future. I like talking with others, making friends with strangers and sharing interesting stories with everybody. Media seems like the most suitable career for me, where I can be true to myself and transmit positive energy to the world.



Yidan “Dana” Tan

I am 20 years old and a media convergence student. When I was a little girl, I always admired journalists and others who have mastered the art of asking questions and analyzing situations. I think it is an honor to present TV news. So I have come here. I am from Chongqing, China, which is a beautiful city. My interests are painting and being a TV presenter at my university. In my free time, I have also hosted weddings and I really enjoy that feeling of standing on stage. All of those activities make me more and more confident and are good training for my presentation skills. I remember my mother often said: Victory won’t come to me unless I go to it. I feel strongly that I can make it.

Yi “Constance” Xiong

I was born and raised in Chongqing, in southwest China. One of the things I enjoy most is meeting different people in all of the countries I’ve visited. The media convergence program is a good opportunity for me because I believe it will help me someday work in the media. I will spend all of my energy to study this major, because I can accept any challenge. I would like to be a professional editor when I’m done.



Wanyun “Vanni” Zhang

Before I came here, I was so afraid of the unknown dangers in Canada. But since I arrived, I found people here are friendly. It’s not like what I imagined. We read the world wrongly and say that it deceives us. We have to try things by ourselves and not be easily discouraged by others. The only thing I need to do is accept the challenge – be brave.

I am interested in media. My dream job is magazine editor. I come from Chongqing, China. The girls in my province are passionate and it’s my dream to contribute my passion to the media.

I don’t know what my future holds, but I can choose my own direction.

My interest is reading. It makes me calm down and I learn more.

Now I’m a 21-year-old girl, and I am curious about the new things. Even if I fail, I will never give up.

Have a better tomorrow.