Team “No Sleep” – when the Olympics are 14 hours away

Angelica Haggert
By Angelica Haggert March 3, 2018 11:40

Compiled by Angelica Haggert

Halfway across the world, the 14-hour time difference between here and the Pyeongchang Olympics in Korea meant die-hard fans either had to switch their sleep (and life) schedules entirely – or just get no sleep at all.

Many events were in the middle of the night for the Eastern Standard time zone. Popular events including hockey and figure skating events took place at 2 a.m. EST. Many Olympics fans just went with it, embracing the “no sleep it is” life.

Even though sleep was at a premium, for many people, the sacrifice was worth it.

“So worth the no sleep I’m going to get tonight to see USA Hockey win gold!” said one fan.

Some Twitter users went all in, fully embracing the lack of sleep until the Olympic Games were over.

Even with the Games now over, returning to a normal sleep schedule is a slow process.

Some were grateful the Olympics are only every two years.

The 2020 Olympic Games take place in Tokyo, which is again 14 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

Angelica Haggert
By Angelica Haggert March 3, 2018 11:40

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