The WSO hosted the concert about nursery rhyme for kids 

Dana DTan
By Dana DTan March 8, 2017 21:54


IMG_9334The Windsor Symphony Orchestra is trying to reach out to even the youngest audiences.

It hosted a concert for children called Fiddles and Riddles on Feb. 25.

It was performed by the brass quintet on a Saturday morning.

The concert was for all public, all of ages who had paid a $5 fee.

“We have a lot of really small kids, maybe about grade 6, and so what we do we have string quart. We have some sing along pieces, we have small classical pieces, popular pieces,”said conductor  Peter Wiebe.

It gave the children a chance to see an orchestra close-up.

“This sone is my favorite. My dad sing this song when I go to bed.” said Shirley Rose, who is the 6-years-old girl, “I love here, there are lots of girls. I want to make friends with them.”

The WSO has found that 45 Minute concerts are ideal for elementary-age children. The concert continue to be two showtimes that 10 am and 11am respectively.


“It’s a very entertaining concert. My two children have lot of fun in it, and the musicians are pretty professional. I would love to do it again.” Said parent Iris Labouth.

Dana DTan
By Dana DTan March 8, 2017 21:54

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