Ukrainian Rules of Successful Pursuit Immigration

Kseniia Semenova
By Kseniia Semenova December 8, 2023 13:32

Ukrainian Rules of Successful Pursuit Immigration

What does it take to move from one house to another? Maybe money and some boxes? What does it take to move from one country to another one? Probably, the same plus different language and tolerance to a different culture. 

For many centuries, it has been a fine well-known fact that people moved in pursuit of a better, safer life. People change their countries address because they run from some obstacles, most of the people are looking for a sheltered environment for their existence. 

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russia fully invaded Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens at 4 a.m. were in their warm houses, warm beds and were woken up with multiple missile attacks around all the country. Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in Europe, 48 million people were attacked.  

People ran from their homes, some stayed, others were kidnapped, killed, tortured, raped and thrown into the one huge common grave like trash. Little kids lost their parents, parents lost their kids dying in their arms, under ruins, from the hands of invaders, people were evacuating, they were burned and killed alive in the cars, where were written “Kids”. 

 Unhuman came to kill and destroy whole nation. Local men voluntarily took guns, and stepped into the army to protect the country, their homes, families, their lives. From that day life changed for everyone forever. Many countries in emergency order opened the borders for many Ukrainian families to help to survive. 

More than 160 ,000 of Ukrainian citizens came to Canada in March 2022. Canada helped Ukrainian citizens to obtain in the emergency way working and study visas. People who came here are not considered refugees and they do not have so many possibilities as the residents. However, multiple organizations for immigrants help them with language courses and introducing them working culture in Canada.  Around 1000 people settled here in Windsor, Ontario. 


Rely only on yourself 

Natalia  Mezentseva is a defectologist. She and her family came to Canada only three months ago. This is not her first country of immigration . She used to live in Latvia and Poland after the war began. In every country where she lived,shehad to find a  job, despite language barriers and a different work culture. She was trying constantly to study and research more in her profession and was not afraid  of challenges because they were already a regular part of her daily life .  

“My husband came first to Windsor, he found a job as a welder,” Mezentseva said . “And then we followed him. I look at everything positively. I have a lot of experience in communicating with people. When I came here,I knew  I would come for a long time, to a country with a different mentality.”  

She understands, for her kids she needs to  show a strong example, and to never give up. Natalia realizes in her age, 51, is very hard to successed in a new country, especially when you were very succssesfull in Ukraine and now you need begin from zero. 

“This is my inner attitude. Throughout life, you should rely only on yourself,”Mezentseva said.  

 “I already had life experience. Study and work, raise children, never be afraid of nothing. Need be always positive ,like this you will meet good people on your way .“  

Now Natalias’ goal is to improve her English level and  during this time she has already become a volunteer teacher   at Ukrainian school. 

To speak different languages and to think in different languages, watch most of the shows on the TV, read different stuff, just because it’s a common language or a new one of the new environment, actually is a huge effort. It builds strong critical thinking and helps to survive in hard life situations, just because it boosts the work of your brain. Many immigrants make this huge effort in their lives, first learning a new language. 


Find a motivation to survive 

 Efimova Natasha is a mother of three kids under the school age and moved to Windsor from occupied territories by the invader country. Her family lost the land where they worked, so they have nothing to tide them to Ukraine. Through her eyes I’ve seen all that sorrow and questioned why their life was stolen, they could live quietly at home, in their walls, under their peaceful sky. 

“How are we doing here? My husband just lost his job. Just like that. A factory job is not a safe job here, especially when you are a newcomer,” said Natasha.  

Their life changed a lot, but the most important thing is the kids are safe, and they don’t hear any more air raids. 

 “In Ukraine I used to be an English teacher,” Efimova said. “I hope to get here in Canada a diploma of Early Childhood Education. Of course, it is hard to make it when you have little kids, and the husband doesn’t have a job. I am not afraid now of any job. If I can go clean, I go.”  

Natasha said she doesn’t understand why people here show off their diplomas, that Master of Education she has isn’t worth anything here, she needs to evaluate it here and go study to become somebody in Canada.  

In Ukraine most of the people go to study in university and obtain master diploma, it is such an obvious and regular thing, like the milk of a mother. Because without it you will not get a job. This why in Ukraine people never tell too much about their educational background, when in Canada you need always to mention it. Now Natasha is thinking about obtaining permanent residentship . 

 “We Ukrainians are very talented and multifunctional, no matter which challenge we face, we will find a motivation to survive,” Efimova said. “Life is not so bad; everything will be good. Can not pity yourself and need move forward.”  

Efimova said when you think about soldiers who sleep in trenches, poor other families for their losses, you understand that need be strong for your country and show to the world that we are a strong nation. 


Need to be realistic  

There are many newcomer organizations in Canada and in Windsor too, which help to introduce new immigrants Canadian culture, working ethics. Help with daily explanations of how to find a doctor, how to apply kids for school and many other useful things. Yulia Kapusta came to Canada when she was a young girl, now she is working in the YMCA center.  

She is a settlement counselor and helps many families. 

“We have about 300 different clients, but pretty sure Windsor has around 1000 Ukrainians,” said Kapusta. “New struggles are defiantly jobs and housing, it comes and goes and waves.” 

 She mentioned in summer it was easier for newcomers, but anyway there are more struggles to find employment, but now it is better with accommodation. Much better than it was before, in the beginning, people became more understanding about what newcomers are going through. Some families are on social support.  

For example, a mother with little kids, while her husband is fighting in the army in Ukraine, she cannot find job here now and need pay for an apartment and this support is just temporary. This is why this kind of organizations are providing English courses, finding volunteer positions in some workplaces, provide useful workshops and even trade courses. Newcomer organizations help even with temporary daycare while the mother is studying.  

Of course, it doesn’t guarantee that a mother will find a job, but it helps with connections and makes her feel more comfortable and confident in a new society. 

“For me as a settlement counselor doesn’t let me go down the happy stories from our clients, “Kapusta said. “We are helping with information and referrals. People need to be realistic. I saw in Facebook group a person wanted to relocate to Windsor. We helped to find an apartment, build his resume and were able to find a job. This person arrived at Canada with no idea what to do here, but he is already building his life here.” 

These kinds of beautiful stories inspire so much and help many Ukrainians to go forward. Of course, it happens because people mostly do not expect help and are eager to work hard like they did back at home. Not many countries have these kinds of organizations for newcomers, so it is one huge bonus for Canadian karma that helps local community to welcome new qualified professionals for their market to grow stronger economics. 


Be ready to work hard 

Sofia Dubova came to Windsor with her aunt, because her parents could not leave Ukraine. No matter how much she would like to go back her parents do not let her, because it is still dangerous. Dubova is 21, she had her dreams and rising life goals but Feb. 24, 2022, has changed her life forever. 

“I think the big challenge for me here in Canada is going to work.” Dubova said. “In Ukraine I was entertainer, I made different parties for kids. This made me happy but again I haven’t had opportunities to have the same job here, and I am trying to do something similar. I am volunteering in YMCA center I have organized nice events for children and Ukrainians, for this reason I feel happier, and this doesn’t let me go down.” 

 Dubova suggests when you come to Canada you need be ready to work hard. You need to understand that without education you have no opportunity to find a good job, otherwise you need to take any job. Her goals for future are to improve English and to get local education in Canada.  

“In Ukraine my specialty is media convergence, but I should be more realistic.” Dubova is not sure that she can continue with her career here, but she is willing to study something more. Dubova said that she is lucky to find some more friends from Ukraine, it helps her not to feel alone. 

 Stay positive  

Most of Ukrainian people who came via emergency program to Canada did not plan to immigrate at all. People can feel anti-socialized; however, Ukrainian Community in Windsor tries to gather people together offering different family events, they help with finding jobs, accommodation and first essential things. Many local Ukrainians are also volunteering and helping newcoming families.  

When people move to a new place all what most people have is just a backpack, some fortunate luggage. Many people were running from home, leaving their homes and possessions behind. Some preferred to take their pets instead of some stuff from their previous life. 

It takes a lot of courage to leave your life, your world, everything that comforted you. Many people just did not have a choice and now they are trying their best to support themselves and their families.  

In every country, the nation has time in history which makes their own people live on the knees and it takes strength to stand up and move forward, and people do it for the future.  

Positive thoughts attract good things in life, right people and you build your environment for the best. Especially when you leave your comfort zone and need to live in a country full of strangers, the thing that you need is faith in your own strength.  

Kseniia Semenova
By Kseniia Semenova December 8, 2023 13:32

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