Upcoming Pelissier Street change

Bela Antonio
By Bela Antonio December 6, 2016 11:36
 Photo by: Bela Antonio Fred Francis, Ward One Windsor Councilor at CityHall

Fred Francis, Ward One Windsor Councilor at City Hall. (Photo by Bela Antonio)

By Bela Antonio

On Monday, Nov 28, city council held a public meeting about Pelissier Street gaining more parking spots.

Pelissier Street is known for its businesses, delivering different things for the people of Windsor. Cafés, a Mexican restaurant and the Windsor Pride Centre are also located in this area. This issue has been on-going for 11 years and city councilors are concerned with the empty retail spaces.

Fred Francis, Ward One councilor, feels it’s a tough situation for Windsor.

“It’s been happening for 11 years, so it’s certainly something that’s been proceeding for about an decade,” said Francis.

The council voted on removing all the retail businesses on the main floor, replacing them with parking spots. It was voted 7 to 4 for the removal.

“There’s always pros and cons to every situation, and when you’re dealing with a tough situation and you have to make a difficult decision you can always find the pros and cons,” said Francis.

On Monday night, Larry Horwitz, president of the Downtown Business Improvement Association, got very emotional due to city council’s decision.

“Council made a terrible decision and went against its official plan, by allowing a key street to become a parking lot,” said Horwitz, fighting off tears.

 Horwitz has been trying to fight this decision for almost a decade but city council believed it was time for change. The city will be looking to add 42 parking spaces on street level.

Bela Antonio
By Bela Antonio December 6, 2016 11:36

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