Vehicle crashes into Walkerville home

Kacie Cooper
By Kacie Cooper August 3, 2018 19:57

The white pick-up truck finally came to a halt after driving into the home owner’s boat and back garage (photo by Kacie Cooper)

by Kacie Cooper

A crowd gathered at the corner of Cataraqui Street and Moy Avenue around 4:45 p.m. Thursday after a single vehicle accident disrupted the Walkerville neighbourhood.

Eyewitnesses said a white pick-up truck drove over the curb while going west on Cataraqui Street and ran over the street sign before driving into a neighbouring house, through the fence and then into the backyard.

Although there appeared to be no major injuries, both the driver and the passenger of the truck were taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The impact of the collision caused a large opening in the side of the house revealing the entire basement, as well as destroying most of the backyard, fence and a parked boat.

Frank Renaud, a resident in the area and eyewitness to the accident, said he saw the entire collision from his backyard.

“He was driving this way when he hit the curb. After that, I thought he would slow down, but when I saw him hit the [street] sign, I knew he wasn’t going to,” said Renaud. “He had to have been going at least 70 [km/hr]. It’s lucky no one got hurt.”

Onlookers speculated as to the cause of the accident, but Windsor Police Services were not available for comment immediately afterward.

More details as they become available.

Windsor police and firefighters assessing the damage (photo by Kacie Cooper)

Kacie Cooper
By Kacie Cooper August 3, 2018 19:57

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