Volunteers working to clothe homeless during the coldest days of winter

Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk January 8, 2018 13:51

By Kati Panasiuk

A group of Windsor women are coming together to help the homeless in the coldest days of winter.

Filling up an SUV with as many hats, mittens, scarfs, coats and socks donated from people around Windsor and Essex County.

They’ve been hand delivering the donations to those on the streets who cannot afford the proper attire this time of the year.

Chris Cook was the woman who started the mission to clothe the homeless ten days ago. She said she has three to four women that go with her every day and she is thankful for the help.

“The outpour is just amazing,” said Cook. “Everyday we bring a Yukon (SUV) full of items and we run out within an hour. It’s much needed.” Cook started to post on the ‘Pay-It-Forward’ Facebook group, when volunteers and donations started pouring in.

Her front hallway is filled with bags of clothes and winter clothing. She also hands out a ‘blessing bag’ which includes soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, feminine products, shaver, hot chocolate and feet warmers.

Jo-ann Fenton is one of the women who helps Cook every day. She said it was really hard to walk through the doors and see people that she knew.

“I went with Chris the one day so stuck in myself and on the way back I told Chris, I am not going to complain anymore,” said Fenton. “I have roof over my head, I have hot water, I may not be eating steak, but at least I am eating something. It could’ve been me.”

The women are doing everything they can do at this time but Cook said she wishes she could do more for those in need.

All donations are still being accepted in this extreme cold weather. If you wish to donate, contact Chris Cook or visit the Pay-It-Forward Windsor Essex page on Facebook for more details.


Kati Panasiuk
By Kati Panasiuk January 8, 2018 13:51

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