Wayne State’s international tuition plan

Dacotah Erwin
By Dacotah Erwin December 2, 2016 11:48


 Douglas Freed talking to a student (Photo by Dacotah Erwin)

Douglas Freed, program director of the Great Lakes award program, speaks to a student at the WSU open house. (Photo by Dacotah Erwin)

By Dacotah Erwin

Wayne State University gives potential students many options to consider when choosing a post-secondary institution.

Wayne State displayed these options at an open house at the St. Clair Collage Centre for the Arts on Nov. 17, hoping to generate interest in WSU while also showing potential students why they should choose them.

“We’re Michigan’s only urban research university,” said Carol Baldwin, manager of marketing and communications at WSU. “There are two other research-focused universities in Michigan but we’re the only urban one.”

Research universities are universities where the main focus is on the research of professors and graduate students. Research based schools provide state-of-the-art research facilities as well as a wide variety of majors. Urban research institutes like Wayne State are socially involved and serve as a resource for educating the citizens and improving the health of the city the school is located in.

The state of Michigan currently has a shortage of medical workers according to the Michigan department of health and human services, making the health science programs at Wayne State attractive paths to take. The nursing program is very competitive and the pharmaceutical program has no equivalent to colleges in the Windsor area.

The Great Lakes Award Program is something else that assists Windsor students wanting to attend university in Michigan.

“The Great Lakes Award Program is a program designed to help students coming from out of state,” said program director Douglas Freed. “The program allows students from states bordering Michigan to pay only 10 per cent more than regular tuition.”

Canadian students are also eligible for the Great Lakes Award Program.

Students who qualify for the program have to pay $14,000 for two semesters. International students who do not qualify would pay $28,000.

Anyone interested in applying to Wayne State University are encouraged to contact the school and apply online on their website www.Wayne.edu

Dacotah Erwin
By Dacotah Erwin December 2, 2016 11:48

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