Windsor Goodfellows’ most successful year yet, expect to feed many

Laurie Makulski Harrison
By Laurie Makulski Harrison December 17, 2017 15:56

Goodfellows’ Christmas box pack. Photo by Laurie Harrison.

If the Windsor Goodfellows Club had its way, no one would be forced to go without food in this city again.

On the heels of their most successful fundraising year in history, the Club has raised more than $287,000. That money has gone a long way to help stock food baskets.

Over the last couple of days, the Goodfellows, along with the help of individual and company volunteers, have been packing and distributing these baskets.

“People [line] up and [are] anxious to get their baskets … that is something that … (volunteers) don’t get to see,” said Gilbert Barichello, president of the Goodfellows Club. “We get the thank yous, but it is only because of … (volunteers) that we are able to do the tasks we are able to do.”

The first day of packing, the Goodfellows were fortunate with more than 100 volunteers showing up to work the line, before a snowfall blanketed Windsor.

“After the second snowfall, we were a little short, but other people came in,” said Barichello.

“We have the Express Agency that are down here with their volunteers to help,” added Barichello. “So we are able to have the necessary help to complete the tasks of stocking all the Christmas boxes.”

Companies like Express Agency Windsor feel it is important for both their franchisees and their employees to go above and beyond to make a difference in their communities.

In addition to the seven Express employees, they have also recruited nine employees from one of their clients to assist the Goodfellows in their monumental task of filling more than 5,100 food boxes.

“What we typically do is, in the springtime…765 offices do a canned food drive to fight hunger, and … we make those donations to Goodfellow,” said Colleen Goudette, owner of the Express Agency Windsor.

Goudette has been a Goodfellows volunteer for 15 years.

“And now when the pack happens for Christmas, we go and help with the pack.”

“It’s just an awesome organization, they do so much for the city. We are just so happy to be able to go
help,” Goudette added.

All the money raised stays here in our community to help our local families.

Laurie Makulski Harrison
By Laurie Makulski Harrison December 17, 2017 15:56

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