Windsor introduces a subscription box for produce

Cassidy McNea
By Cassidy McNea March 2, 2018 11:36

By Cassidy McNea

Windsorites will now have the opportunity for fresh produce to be delivered to their door.

WE Box, a local food share program through Border City Urban Farms, works with farmers and producers in the area to source a fruit and vegetable-filled box. These boxes are released monthly and the cost is $25 for pick up or $30 for home delivery in Windsor.

The program began October 2017. The original idea was for restauranteurs to be able to access local produce but one of the founders, Robert Ross, said he and co-founder Steve Green realized they could sell leftover stock.

“We thought rather than try to be a stock type of grocery store, why not curate some of the best produce we can find? And, do a community sourced agriculture box,” said Ross.

“Normally CSAs are offered by one producer and you are limited to what they offer. We thought, if we just curate this I think it would bring some value to people because we are doing all the work.”

The pickup location for the boxes change each month during the winter. In the summer the location for pickup is the Downtown Windsor Farmers Market. The pickup location last month was Bike Windsor Essex. Lori Newton, of Bike Windsor Essex, said she enjoyed working alongside WE Box.

“They are a very passionate grassroots group of people who are doing something similar to what we are trying to do here at the bike hub which is to promote sustainable, connected communities in the city,” said Newton.

Windsorites have other options for grocery delivery including Loblaws which offers home delivery. However, unlike WE Box, they do not work alongside local businesses and their focus is on all types of groceries. Lee & Maria’s is also a local produce subscription box.

Ross said they are not worried about competition and instead are focusing on those who appreciate local produce and want to establish a sense of community and healthy eating. Last month WE Box sold out.

Sabrina Andersen, a subscriber to the WE Box since November, said it is perfect for her family of four.

“In terms of value you could probably get it a few dollars cheaper but I really liked that it is supporting local,” said Andersen.

“We are big supporters of the farmers’ market in the summer and I really liked the idea that there was a box that went on during the winter. It is not just walking into a big box store and buying a vegetable which comes from somewhere else. They are actually grown in our county.”

Windsorites looking to add fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet can support local produce one box at a time. Visit Border City Urban Farms online to learn more about the WE Box and other local initiatives.

Cassidy McNea
By Cassidy McNea March 2, 2018 11:36

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