Windsor Police Awarded Sgt. Matt Capel-Cure

Aman Patiyar
By Aman Patiyar May 13, 2024 13:46

Last week, Amherstburg Sgt. Matt Capel-Cure received a Windsor Police Service Award of Valour for his courageous actions last summer. 

In June 2023, Sgt. Capel-Cure arrived first on scene where a motorist had crashed into a residential home and struck into a gas line. The vehicle and home were covered in flames with the driver lying nearby with serious burns. 

Despite the conflagration, Sgt. Capel-Cure immediately rescued the injured driver and took him out of the fire and to a place of safety. 

In the middle of a petrified situation, the officer ran into danger to save lives. His immediate response shows exceptional bravery and his unshakeable commitment to the well-being of others. 


Aman Patiyar
By Aman Patiyar May 13, 2024 13:46

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