Windsor police release photo of second suspect in assault

Shirley Feng
By Shirley Feng December 4, 2017 13:41

By Shirley Feng

The Windsor Police Service has released a photo of a man believed to be involved in a recent attack at the 2100 block of Dougall Avenue.

The second suspect’s name is Michael Patrick Jackson, a 35-year-old man from Windsor. He is 5’7″ weighing 210 pounds, with short brown hair and green eyes.

Jackson is wanted on charges of aggravated assault and robbery and police have a warrant out for his arrest.

This case dates back to Nov. 11 when a 46-year-old man who lived on Dougall Avenue was robbed.

Two men broke into the house of the victim to commit a robbery and they allegedly attacked the victim numerous times.

Police say the investigation confirmed that this robbery was targeted, not random.

The two suspects have been identified. One is 23-year-old Zephaniah Moses, who was arrested two days after the assault.

The investigation is ongoing.

Windsor Police have released a picture of the suspect. Photo Courtesy of Windsor Police

Shirley Feng
By Shirley Feng December 4, 2017 13:41

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