Windsor Police Service hoping to strengthen community relations

Kush Mendiratta
By Kush Mendiratta April 14, 2018 08:24

Sgt. Steve Betteridge said the police service has big plans for the betterment of the city of Windsor. Photo by Kush Mendiratta

Windsor police are making changes they hope will strengthen community relations.

The police service has appointed two new deputies including the very first female deputy.

Betteridge said of Deputy Pamela Mizuno, “She is a tremendous role model for anyone considering police as a career.”

He also hopes there will be many more female officers who will be joining force after Mizuno’s appointment.

“The second, Deputy Chief Brad Hill, comes with 30 years of experience,” said Betteridge. He said he felt a sense of pride having the two new deputies on board.

Betteridge highlighted several concerns that need attention, especially the opioid crisis.

“It is a medical issue that all of us as a community have to work towards (solving). That comes from partnership and communication,” he said.

He also believes that the community relations and communication would play a central role for improving the city.

“There was a case of today of a robbery at a convenience store. The store clerk was able to escape and call 911. He gave the description of the suspect and our patrol response was able to arrive while that robber was still at the premesis. He got arrested and has been charged with robbery.”

Betteridge said they are glad to be connected to the community, which he said helped them overcome many challenges.

And he said he hoped the bond with the community will continue to get stronger.

In order to report any suspicious activity around you go to or call 911 immediately.


Kush Mendiratta
By Kush Mendiratta April 14, 2018 08:24

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