Windsor symphony orchestra gears up for new season

Zander Kelly
By Zander Kelly September 29, 2017 09:37


A pedestrian walks past the Capitol Theatre on University Avenue. Photo by Zander Kelly

A pedestrian walks past the Capitol Theatre on University Avenue. (Photo by Zander Kelly)

By Zander Kelly

Symphony music fans in Windsor have a lot to look forward to as the Windsor Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 70th year with a grand list of concerts, including The Music of Star Wars.

“It’s a season of celebration,” said Sheila Wisdom, executive director of the WSO.

In addition to the 70th anniversary of the Orchestra, the WSO is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canada and the 125th anniversary of Windsor.

Wisdom said the Music of Star Wars concerts on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 will be special because they are set up like a competition. There will be two teams on stage and the orchestra will play something relating to Star Wars and the teams will have to either name the character or the movie it’s from.

Working with the orchestra, Wisdom says, is wonderful.

“There’s never a dull day and never a dull moment. At the end of the week we get to walk into a concert hall and hear an amazing performance. What’s not to like?”

This year’s concert list has “bigger” pieces of work, including a 60-musician Beethoven concert and the New World Symphony in May. The symphony will also be doing their yearly Holiday Pops concerts from Dec. 15-17.

There will also be a Wild, Wild West Concert in February which will feature St.Clair College music students.

The Symphony has a strong relationship with St. Clair College and their Theatre Arts Program.

“Students will be able to play with people who’ve played on Broadway,” said Wisdom, who also enjoys the atmosphere sitting in the audience during a live orchestra show.

“There is something powerful and profound about sitting in a theatre and hearing music played that you know will never sound the exact way ever, ever again. To have that experience and to visually see the musicians playing, watching the trumpets and the conductors and the bowstrings on the violins, it’s very profound to share that,” said Wisdom. “The opportunity to share that experience is amazing and everyone should have it.”

WSO 2017-2018 schedule

WSO 2017-2018 schedule

Zander Kelly
By Zander Kelly September 29, 2017 09:37

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