Windsor’s low crime rate has become a pull for its real estate market

Grace Bauer
By Grace Bauer March 3, 2017 13:17


Windsor’s real estate market is booming, and our low crime rate might be a factor. (Photo by Grace Bauer)

Windsor’s real estate market is booming, and our low crime rate might be a factor. (Photo by Grace Bauer)

By Grace Bauer

Windsor’s first homicide of the year took place February 21, prompting the question of whether or not crimes such as this affect the city and its housing market.

According to Sergeant Steve Betteridge, public information officer at the Windsor Police Service, Windsor maintains a low crime rate that continues to decrease. The violent crime rate dropped 17 per cent in 2016.

When it comes to people looking to invest in a house in Windsor, it is clear that crime is not a huge factor.

“Unless we have rampant crime, I don’t think it will affect people’s decisions to move to Windsor,” said Mike Kelly, a sales representative and accredited senior agent at Deerbrook Realty Inc. “We are not a crime city.”

Kelly said the most important thing when it comes to real estate is that agents disclose as much as possible or else it will come back to haunt them. Kelly also said that there are stereotypes for different parts of the city; most people say the west end has more crime, when in reality that is not true.

“If I blindfolded you and dropped you somewhere in Windsor, you would not be able to tell if you are in the east or west end,” he said. “If you look at Windsor, it is the centre of North America. Temperature is great – we are surrounded by water. We are next to a huge city that is on an upswing.”

Rob Benneian is also a sales representative at Deerbrook Realty Inc. and said he agrees with Kelly’s thoughts on Windsor being a safe city.

“People want to buy a house where they can raise a family,” said Benneian. “The real estate market is booming in Windsor and it looks like it is only going to get better… The reason people from out of town come to Windsor is its affordability. We have all of the amenities of a big city here and across the border.”

Windsor’s safety and low crime rate can be greatly accredited to the involvement by the WPS, but Sgt. Betteridge said community involvement helps as well.

“The bottom line is that Windsor police are very much about community engagement. The public and police are always working hand in hand,” said Betteridge. “We are working with our community partners.”

“In order for people to feel safe they have to trust our officers,” said Betteridge. “A community cannot be safe if the police and citizens do not work hand-in-hand to keep it safe.”

Betteridge said they are proud of the crime statistics at the WPS and will continue to work hard to ensure that Windsor remains safe.

While Kelly said crime rate in a city can affect its real estate market, it does not seem to be a deterrent for Windsor.

“What we are known for [here in Windsor] is solving crime,” said Betteridge. “We put the bar high and we shoot high.”

Grace Bauer
By Grace Bauer March 3, 2017 13:17

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