Windsor’s Raising Readers

Joyce St Antoine
By Joyce St Antoine April 20, 2018 13:42

(Box to donate to Raise-a-Reader, Photo by Joyce St. Antoine)

By Joyce St. Antoine

Every year since 2002, thousands of children in Windsor and Essex County are given books to read because of a special program called Raise-a-Reader.

“The program has so far raised $791,000, with $153,000 coming from the annual book sale. A lot of programs desire that funding,” said Beverly Becker, director of local marketing for Postmedia and Raise-a-Reader organizer. “Raise-a-Reader does receive funding for learning disabilities, children who have difficulty reading and money for programs for children who have English as a second language. With applications from literacy programs, the funds are split accordingly to raise support for learning.”

As successful as the Raise-a-Reader book sales have been, it has not been the only way to fundraise and contribute to the foundation, according to several volunteers and other organizers.

“When I was a teacher back at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the staff sold the Windsor Star newspapers at the closest Tim Hortons in return for donations. They no longer do that, but the T-shirts are still worn and they still do reading days in support of the foundation,” said Teresa Laporte, current vice principal of St. William’s Elementary School. “I wish there was more publicity. I do not hear anymore about it until the day is over. To hear more through the media is a way to show more contribution to the cause.”

All Windsor libraries have been funded by the Raise-a-Reader funds as gateway for literacy and learning.

“Reading is a gateway to knowledge, adventure and learning new things. It is crucial to so many things not just books; online reading, signs and instructions,” said Christine Rideout-Arkell, manager at the Windsor Public Library. One of the programs funded our local libraries is the book buddies program. “Our life is revolved around the written word and text.”

Raise-a-Reader is sponsored by several local companies including Canadian Tire, the Windsor Spitfires, St. Clair College and Alumni Association and Koolini’s.

The annual event will be hosted on April 28, 29 and on May 5.

Canadian Tire stores are accepting gently used and new books. They will not accept old materials like magazines, Reader’s Digest, and encyclopedias.

For more information visit or call 1-866-637-READ (7323).

Joyce St Antoine
By Joyce St Antoine April 20, 2018 13:42

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