Windsor’s relentless poverty problem challenges Homes Coalition

Lori Baldassi
By Lori Baldassi December 1, 2017 14:37

Logo of the Windsor Home Coalition.

An average of 25 people have come through the doors of the Windsor Homes Coalition every day this year, according to the organization that provides affordable housing and services to the downtown core.

As of Nov. 30, that was 8,500 people.

Rebecca Arseneau, food bank and program coordinator, said many are single, senior men who have a hard time making ends meet and often can’t afford housing and food.   They also see a lot of people on disability pensions as well as immigrants.

With the holiday season approaching, Arseneau said the Coalition doesn’t have enough food to properly stock its food bank.

Images from the Windsor Homes Coalition website.

“It’s slowly coming. We do have a few businesses doing food drives and we are hoping to get that food in the next couple of weeks,” she said. The Coalition is asking the public for donations of food and money.

According to a recent study by United Way Windsor Essex, a person making $19,464 or less is deemed as low income. The low income rate in Windsor and Essex County stands at 18.3 percent, higher than Canada’s average of 14.9.



Lori Baldassi
By Lori Baldassi December 1, 2017 14:37

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