Experiencing Blood Rain

Kseniia Semenova
By Kseniia Semenova June 28, 2024 10:33

Spain is a country in Europe that is located 50 km from the Gibraltar to Africa.  

Africa and most parts of Spain are very hot and sunny during the year and it is a huge concern when there is no rain, because it can cause forest wild fires and drying out of the soil.  

Another problem is the strong winds and the blood rains. It is a rain that carries a dusty mixture of sand and clay, so when there is precipitation, it looks like orange water drops. This is caused due to the proximity of Spain to the Sahara Desert.  

When the winds come from South, it covers Spain with this weather phenomena. 

I have witnessed this bizarre weather while on vacation in Spain. Everything began in the evening when the sun was going to the set around 9 p.m., and the sky was surprisingly more orange than usual. I am very familiar with the sand storms, and if you did not have time to take drying laundry from outside, after the storm, everything will be coloured orange.  

When you see this kind of sky you usually have one to two hours to cleanup all, and you never know for sure if it will come with the rain or just a wind. Next morning the sky had cappuccino colour, and all over was covered with clay drops. The most negative side of the day after bloody rain, it is not recommended to be outside, due to the clay dust particles in the air.  

Everyone outside needs to wear a mask because breathing becomes very difficult, like suffocating. My phone weather app showed theair pollution increased.

People around usually don’t wash their cars and patios for few days, because you are never sure if after one storm can come right away another. 

Kseniia Semenova
By Kseniia Semenova June 28, 2024 10:33

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