Transit Windsor Eliminates Longtime Route

Zach Balogh
By Zach Balogh July 5, 2024 11:14

Transit Windsor Eliminates Longtime Route

Transit Windsor ushers in a new era by to discontinuing one of its existing routes as part of Transit Master Plan.

Photo courtesy of Zachary Balough

The Dominion 5 which travels along a north to south route from the Windsor International Transit Terminal to St. Clair College to Labell St. will be discontinued this fall. The existing route will be divided into two new routes the 115 and the 305.

The 115 will service as a primary route that will travel from the St. Clair College Terminal to the Windsor Transit Terminal in both directions, while the 305 will travel the residential areas of south Windsor from the main campus to the Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare Terminal.

Frequent bus passenger, Paul Saruq said he likes the Dominion route the way it is.

Photo courtesy of Zachary Balough

“I think Dominion five is the best as compared to others because it takes less time to reach somewhere else. If I want to go to the riverfront, it is it connected easily. I think it’s the best connection right now and it’s coming to an end. So I feel very bad. I think five is the best option,” said Saruq.

The change is part of the Transit Windsor’s Master plan which, according to the City of Windsor, is a plan containing short to long term plans for the cities bus service and streamlining it into the future.

Transit Windsor held an open house in the colleges main lobby offering students and staff who rely on Transit Windsor more information such as maps, proposed route schedules and new signs that are up at some existing bus stops.

Prab Nhor, a Student at St. Clair College, said he would definitely be giving the new route a try.

“My house is near the circle, so I can easily go back and forth from my house to the college, and it’s so easy for me now,” said Nhor.

According to CPTDB the Dominion five has existed since 1978 and at that time was divided into Dominion 5 A, B, and C. all routes were later consolidated to create the existing route.

More information can be found on the City of Windsor Transit website. The new routes are expected to start Sept. 1, 2024.


Zach Balogh
By Zach Balogh July 5, 2024 11:14

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