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How Are We Taking Care of Our plants?

🕔19:19, 8.Dec 2023

Research shows plants respond to music when humans talk them or play music. According to, music can have an influence on plants to help them grow. Merna Aziz, a 28-year-old from Windsor said she takes care of her plants.

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A new Weight-loss Drug has Been Approved

🕔13:22, 24.Nov 2023

There is a drug that has been approved called Mounjaro for weight loss.   Megan Kantarjian, Pharmacist Manager at DMC Pharmacy. She said the drug has a lot of side effects. “Taking this drug can cause nausea, vomiting, and an upset

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For burning fat, strength training is better than cardio

For burning fat, strength training is better than cardio

🕔13:46, 27.Oct 2023

By Tanya Yousif According to Melissa Boyd in an interview with, a certified Personal Trainer and Head Coach, resistance training such as lifting weights, doing push-ups, pull-ups, or lunges, can lead to better results for burning fat and gaining

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Why people read their horoscope

🕔14:53, 21.Apr 2023

In an unscientific survey conducted by the MediaPlex, 80 per cent of people said they read their horoscopes. Gemima Pedro, a part-time cleaner, said she believes in horoscopes. “I think as long as people study horoscopes they’re always relevant,” said

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Prescription powers increasing for Ontario pharmacists

Prescription powers increasing for Ontario pharmacists

🕔12:57, 14.Apr 2023

Ontario is expanding pharmacists’ prescription powers to ease the burden on doctors and walk-in clinics. Pharmacist Ali Hammoud, who works at Rexall Drugstore in Windsor, is relieved about the decision. “I think it’s a good change because it takes pressure

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Children’s pain meds shortage continues in Canada

🕔14:59, 19.Nov 2022

As shortages across Canada continue for pain medications for children, parents are having concerns heading into the winter season. Dunya Aziz, a mother of two from Windsor, said it is the worst-case scenario for there to be these shortages during

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